Anna Livia Plurabelle

All compositions: André Hodeir • text: James Joyce. 1993

André Hodeir represents a rare figure in jazz: that of an intellectual à la française, eminently cultivated well beyond his field, seasoned in art music, accustomed to musical thinking and its challenges, and sensitive to social and ideological determinations. The encounter with this text, taken from James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, had already occurred in 1966. The reprise of the composed work, this time performed by important French jazz musicians under the direction of Patrice Caratini, allows for once again appreciating Hodeir’s conception of the relations between writing and improvisation, and between research and tradition.

1. O tell me about Anna Livia
2. Don dom
3. He earned his lille burnbathard
4. Well, old humber was as glommen as grampus
5. And then she’d esk to vistule a hymn
6. Odet ! Odet !
7. By earth and the cloudy...
8. First she let her hair fall
9. Describe her • No more ?
10. Well you know or don’t you kennet
11. Whar now are alle her childer say ?
12. Can’t hear with the waters off


Patrice Caratini, musical direction / Valérie Philippin, soprano / Élisabeth Lagneau, contralto / Philippe Leloup, clarinet / Denis Barbier, Enzo Gieco, flutes / Georges Porte, saxophones sopranino,soprano, clarinet / Sylvain Beuf, saxophone alto / Jean-Pierre Baraglioli, Jean-Pierre Solvès, saxophones alto, tenor, clarinet / Antoine Bellec, Philippe Duchêne, Michel Goldberg, saxophone tenor, clarinet / Michel Trousselet, saxophone baryton, clarinet, / Bertrand Auger, saxophone bass, clarinet / Bruno Krattli, Philippe Slominski, trumpet / Jean Gobinet, trumpet, flugelhorn / Jacques Bolognesi, Denis Leloup, Éric Louis, trombones / Jean-Pierre Arnaud, drums / Christine Lagniel, Philippe Macé, vibraphones / Marc Ducret, guitar / Philippe Arrii-Blachette, violin / Jean Bardy, bass

Recording and mixing: Paris, Radio France (studio 104), 16-20 sept., 25-30 oct. 1993
Artistic direction: Philippe Pélissier
Musical advisor: Laurent Cugny
Sound recording : Pascal Besnard, assisté de Pierre Bornard et Antoine Lehembre
Production : DRAMA , Sillages , Label Bleu
With the support of MFA, FCM, Le Quartz, scène nationale de Brest