Dialogue sur un fil

Creation 2010

A spatial concert by Sylvian Bruchon

An evening, giving a spatial form to possible dialogues between pure music and music gushing forth from words and noises.
The scores of Morton Feldman and Anton Webern are pure music. Georges Aperghis unveils the intimate relations of the poetic conversation texts with his instrumental miniatures, in no time at all, for viola or recitations for cello...
For his part, Jacques Rebotier constructs his Brèves like playful, little enigmas, spoken, played...
Mauricio Kagel dramatizes his string quartet and transforms its sonority by adding unusual objects (matches, paper clips, knitting needles...)
Sillages proposes a moment of play, music and theatre, in which the instrumentalists carry on a dialogue with words and sounds...

Vincent Leterme, piano / Nadine Bodiguel and Lyonel Schmit, violins / Gilles Deliège, viola / Séverine Ballon, cello
Sylvian Bruchon, actor
First performance : 14 April 2010 by Ensemble Sillages at CAPC, Bordeaux

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