Didier Meu

Double bass

Born in 1960. First prize of double-bass in the C.N.R of Versailles and graduate of the Academy of the Orchestra under the aegis of Marius Constant. Member of the Court circuit group and the Sillage group. He has also played with the groups Ars Nova, Fa, L’Itinéraire., Recherche, Moderne, L’Instant Donné, TM + and the Ensemble Intercontemporain.
At the same time, he works in close collaboration with the IRCAM.
He is a founder and Artistic director of the association Acrobass He is also involved in projects where Jazz and contemporary music mix: concerts with Andy Hemler, Marc Ducret, Michel Portal, Daniel Humair, Bruno Chevillon, Jean-Rémi Guedon …
As an actor-musician, he participates in the creation of Toi cour, Moi jardin after Jacques Rebotier, of Trézène Mélodies by Cécile Garcia-Fogel, which won an entertainment prized in 1997.
He has also appeared in the plays of Peter Brook, Angelin Prejlocaj, and Pina Bausch.