Electr( )cution

Next edition // 30 MARCH TO 3 APRIL 2016

ELECTR[ ]CUTION Festival, an event created in the continuity of the get-togethers initiated these past few years between the ensemble Sillages and Passerelle, centre of contemporary art.
The festival proposes an itinerary through mixed works, centred on two evenings of concerts, four workshops, listening space, lectures, musical impromptus…
Mixed music blends live instrumental sounds with electro-acoustic or electronic sounds. Its pioneers were John Cage, with Imaginary Landscape No. 1 in 1939, Bruno Maderna, with Musica su due dimensioni in 1951, and Edgar Varèse, with Déserts in 1954. Since that time, the astounding progress of the new technologies has continued to open up vast fields to contemporary creation, whether it be in rock, pop, jazz or improvised music.
New analogical and digital supports have considerably enriched the vocabulary and possibilities for composers. Similarly, the stakes of interpretation find themselves modified: the performer no longer plays with traditional instruments but with a computer, which extends and modifies his instrumental playing. This is true chamber music work between the instrumentalist and his double, electronics. Finally, the highly varied forms of diffusion of mixed music enrich relations with the audience.
A high-voltage festival… a musical experience accessible to anyone curious!


Ensemble Sillages
Le Quartz
60, rue du Château
BP 91039
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