Ensemble Sillages

The Ensemble Sillages was founded by Philippe Arrii-Blachette. It is a group of musicians who express their sensibilities in performing the work of composers of our time.

Sillages works on three closely-overlapping levels:
- Training: encouraging amateur and professional musicians, along with the public, to today’s music.
- Dissemination: interpreting the most extensive repertoire of the 20th and 21st centuries by highlighting the legacy of the creators of yesterday and the bridges between them and the creators of today.
- Creation: engaging in sustained work with composers, indispensable centers in the elaboration of any project and essential players in this fundamental issue of the transmission of the culture of our time.

Since 1996, when it moved to Brest, Sillages has pursued its work in the region, reaching out to all kinds of audiences. It gives thematic concerts called Repères contemporains (Contemporary Points of Reference) in the presence of the composers, runs musical creation workshops, proposes mixed-music concerts (instruments and electronics), encourages projects of creation that bring together other disciplines and different ways of staging music and thereby, every year, enlarging the circle of listeners curious about discovering contemporary creation.

Because of its original programming choices and the high musical level of its members, Sillages is invited throughout France and abroad.

Sillages has played at Manca Festival (Nice), Festival Aujourd’hui Musiques (Perpignan), European Festival of short films (Brest), Musica contemporanea (Buenos Aires), Festival Extension (Paris), Festival Musica Nueva (Monterrey), Musiques en Scène (Lyon), Biennal Event of Vocal Art of Cité de la Musique (Paris), Mostra Sonora (Sueca/Spain)…
Sillages has also played in Rome, Mexico, Madrid, Séville, Genève, Bilbao, Parme...

Sillages performs the music of:
Gérard GRISEY, Tristan MURAIL, José Manuel LOPEZ LOPEZ, Charles IVES, Kaija SAARIAHO, Luc FERRARI, Georges APERGHIS, Philippe LEROUX, Philippe HUREL, John CAGE, Steve REICH, James DILLON, Atli Ingolfsson, Yves CHAURIS, Thomas ADES, Mauricio SOTELO, Magnus LINDBERG, Pascal DUSAPIN, Yann ROBIN, Michael LEVINAS, Luciano BERIO, Sebastian RIVAS, Morton FELDMAN, Gavin BRYARS, Philippe MANOURY, Philippe SCHŒLLER, Zad MOULTAKA, Jean-Luc HERVE, Daniel D’ADAMO, Alexandros MARKEAS, Carlos GRÄZER, Mauro LANZA, Edith CANAT DE CHIZY, Martin MATALON…

Discography :
André Hodeir, Anna Livia Plurabelle, label Bleu - MFA1993
Jean-Luc Hervé, Sillages, label Empreinte digitale (Nocturne) - MFA 2005
Hughes Germain, Esprit de sel, Césaré, Centre national de création musicale, 2009
Martin Matalon, Traces for soloist instrumentalists and electronic appliancies, 2010
Alain Gaussin, Harmonie des sphères, Label Ameson, 2014

photo © Didier Olivré