Esprit de sel

Hughes Germain : composition, fixed sounds and treatments. 2009

This sound artist spent several years working on the Guérande salt (sel) marshes, collecting sounds, sharing these sites with musicians, dancers, visual artists... Here he proposes three pieces, three ways of looking.

1. Bruit Blanc
2. NaCI part1
3. NaCI part2
4.NaCI part3
5.NaCI part4
6.NaCI part5
7.NaCI part6
8. Set Marais


Benjamin Carat, cello / Olivier Fiard, percussion / Donatienne Michel-Dansac, vocals / Christophe Rocher, clarinet / Lyonel Schmit, violin / Chorus of Guerande’s music school

Recorded live at La Carène, Brest, 25 May 2007 by Sylvain Thévenard.
Mixed in October 2007 at La Cartonnerie and Césaré, reims, by Hughes Germain and Samuel Allain.
A coproduction Volume Collectif, Césaré, Drama/Sillages

+ d’infos :
Prix Qwartz expérimentation 2010