In this concert entitled ’Explorations’, the ensemble Sillages offers us a festival of firsts!
Five works on this programme that, from Chauris to Lévinas, moves away from lyricism to approach the distant shores of mental overflow.
Yves Chauris returns to his hometown, which witnessed the budding of his vocation as a composer, to hear one of his works, a Trio both nocturnal and luminous, performed there for the first time.
Ever inventive and expressive, Philippe Leroux gives us a piece, Air-Ré, in which percussion and violin carry out a complex joust. With Georges Aperghis and his Jactations, tackled bodily by baritone Lionel Peintre, distress sets in, which will be prolonged by Yann Robin’s Schizophrenia, in which clarinet and saxophone give themselves over to a dumbfounding combat of virtuosity. To conclude, Michaël Lévinas’s Le Poème battu is the setting of a text by Ghérasim Luca, the composer making himself the poet’s go-between and accomplice by reproducing the full force of the words and their sound mutations that answer one another, producing phrases of novel sonorities.

Yves Chauris : Trio for clarinet, violin and piano
Philippe Leroux : Air-Ré for violin, marimba and vibraphone
Georges Aperghis : Jactations for baryton solo (extracts)
Yann Robin : Schizophrenia for saxophone soprano and clarinet
Michael Levinas : Le poème battu for baryton, percussios, piano and electronics on a text from Ghérasim Luca


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