Homage to Sherlock Holmes

Creation 2007

The Mystery of the Leaping Fish , a film by J. Emerson and D.W. Griffith, script by Tod Browning. (1916, USA, 26’)
Sherlock Jr ., a film by Buster Keaton. (1924, USA, 53’)
Original music: Carlos Grätzer (State commission)
Conductor: Julien Masmondet
First performance: 12 November 2007 by the Ensemble Sillages at Le Quartz, National Theatre of Brest, in the framework of the European short film festival

Two parodies in homage to Sherlock Holmes with original music by Carlos Grätzer for seven instruments and electronics. Closely linked to the image, the music underscores its expressive sense and gives depth to the film situation. Graphically speaking, it could be said that this score is written like an opera.

Sophie Deshayes, flute / Jean-Marc Fessard, clarinet / Stéphane Sordet, saxophone / Pierre Rémondière, horn / Hélène Colombotti, percussion / Lyonel Schmit, violin / Didier Meu, double bass.

Production, DRAMA/Sillages


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