Las Hurdes

Las Hurdes (Land without bread), a film by Luis Buñuel (1900-1983). (1932, SP, 37 min)
La Cabra, original music by Martin Matalon

Shown for the first time in Madrid in 1933 by Luis Buñuel (1900-1983), who read the commentary at the microphone (the original print being silent) whilst playing records of Brahms, this ’cinematographic essay of human geography’ provoked a huge scandal. Original music by Martin Matalon for viola and electronics in real time.

Gilles Deliège, alto solo / 
Miguel Borras, narrator / Arnaud Sallé, musical assistant

First performance : 12 March 2005 by Odile Auboin, alto and Michael Lonsdale, narrator. Commissioned by Auditorium du Louvre and a Muse en Circuit with the support of the State.

Performed by Sillages in November 2005 at Manca Festival in Nice and Short Film Festival Quartz, Brest.


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