Le Vent se lève

In 2014, Sillages devoted a new monographic disc to Allain Gaussin, naturally has the place of honour in this programme. As much a poet as a musician, and in love with Japan, Allain Gaussin opens up original horizons that we shall discover in the world premiere of his latest work, written for the Ensemble.
From different generations and countries, other voices will join his for a veritable kaleidoscope of contemporary music: Francisco Guerrero, little known in France, yet considered one of the principal Spanish composers despite his short life; the Mexican Javier Torres Maldonado, at the heart of the particular ties woven between Mexico and Sillages; as well as the young Alex Mincek, an eminently promising American composer. This saxophonist-clarinettist, who likes improvisation nurtured by jazz and rock, writes brilliant music in which experimentation with forms is ever present.

Javier Torres Maldonado : Segundo Libro del Canto Alado for clarinet and string quartet. Revision 2014, First performance in France
Allain Gaussin : Le vent se lève flute, clarinet, harp and string quartet. Creation, State commission, Chakra string quartet
Alex Mincek : Ali saxophone, Pendulum IV flute, double bass, saxophone tenor, violin, cello. Revision 2013, first performance in France
Francisco Guerrero : Concierto da camera, flute, clarinet bass, 2 violins, viola and cello


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