"Musiques chez l’habitant"

«Musiques chez l’habitant» is an original project that proposes to the inhabitants of different neighbourhoods in Brest to invite musicians directly into their places of residence and living areas.

Creating impromptu, improbable encounters, surprising the public wherever it finds itself - in the street, in the hall of a block of flats, in a marketplace - and taking pleasure in introducing a contemporary repertoire in thoroughly unusual performance forms. Getting outside the box is an excellent way of giving a taste of real conviviality to these concerts of live music.

Since 2011, this proposition has had real success amongst neighbourhood collectives and their inhabitants who have difficulty going to identified cultural venues, even those close to them. The curiosity expressed vis-à-vis this novel approach confirms the impact and pertinence of «Musiques chez l’habitant».

This project is supported by the Projet Éducatif Local of Brest City.