Symphonie diagonale

Musical and cinematographic premiere (2008)

«I endeavoured to describe the world, not as it is but as it is when I add myself to it, which, obviously, does not simplify it.»
Jean Giono, Voyage en Italie

«A mixture of genres», by Alexandros Markeas
Let us not speak of film music but rather about cinema with obbligato music, where the filmed parts have a musical sense and the musical parts have a cinematic sense.
Documentary, musical film, road movie, live entertainment, interactive musical video... A multitude of forms of expression meet to relate a music, musicians and a personal trajectory.

«A musical road movie», by Lionel Escama
Our initial idea was to work simultaneously on musical form and cinematographic form. The film, a road movie and documentary, will trace a journey in the form of a diagonal from Crete (Greece) to Brittany. This itinerary will be waymarked by different musical steps: encounters and portraits of musicians, visits to places that have a particular sound identity, filmed musical performances.

Donatienne Michel-Dansac, soprano / Sophie Deshayes, flute / Pierre Dutrieu, clarinet / Vincent Leterme, piano / Lyonel Schmit, violin / Gilles Deliège, viola / Didier Meu, double bass.
Renaud Déjardin, conductor
And the participation of
Alexis Baskind, computer music designer / Julien Aleonard, sound engineer / Annie Ebrel, traditional singer from Brittany / Stelios Petrakis, lyre of Crete / Barre Phillips, double bass / Jean-Christophe Revel, organist
Electronics realized in CIRM studios.
Commissioned by the CIRM (Centre National de Création Musicale) with the support of the State.
First performance : 14 November 2008 by Ensemble Sillages at Festival Manca, Théâtre de Grasse, Nice.


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