Terra nostra

Creation 2012

Sound poetry, to be spoken, sung, gesticulated, danced
Musical theatre, written and staged by Valérie Philippin
First performance: 23 May 2012 at Le Quartz in the framework of the ’Les Humanités’ Festival

"Our Earth" full of sounds...
Here, no urban noises, no computers, synthesizers or other machines: these are truly the sounds of nature and, in particular, of the Earth, that are at work.
Like a group of sorcerers, a community of workers of the earth, or a team of scientists studying natural phenomena, children create their own sounds with manufactured instruments as well as those they create themselves. Diverse heteroclite objects (water containers, stone, wood, branches, foliage, seeds) are arranged onstage, like a musical laboratory into which the young improvisers dip as they please.

Valérie Philippin, soprano / Séverine Ballon, cello

This project received the support of Musiques et Danses en Finistère, under pedagogical action.

Ensemble Sillages
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