Martin Matalon monograph, 2009

Like a diary, the cycle of Traces, a work for solo instruments and electronics in real time, broaches the compositional problems that preoccupy me, a sort of common theme in my activity as a composer.

1. TRACES VII (La carta) for voice and electronics by Donatienne Michel-Dansac
2. TRACES V Levedad for clarinet and electronics by Pierre Dutrieu
3. TRACES IV for marimba and electronics by Eve Payeur
4. TRACES II for alto and electronics by Gilles Deliège
5. TRACES VI Multiplicidad for flute and electronics by Sophie Deshayes
6. TRACES III for horn and electronics by Pierre Rémondière

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Label Sismal records
Artistic direction of the record : Martin Matalon & Philippe Arrii-Blachette
Label direction : Tristan de Céleyran
With the support of Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, SACEM, Radio France and SACD.