The cycle of seven Traces written by Martin Matalon presented in a single evening.
’Like a diary, the cycle of Traces, works for solo instrument and electronics, tackle the compositional problems that have preoccupied me at different moments in their writing, a sort of main thread in my activity as a composer. Just as much, these "compositional diaries" are the relation of the journey, literally and figuratively, which sound transformation permits: a journey to the inside of the instrument comparable, in a way, to what one does introspectively when writing a diary.’
Martin Matalon

Traces II for viola and electronics
Traces VII Mutliplicidad for flute and electronics
Traces V Levedad for clarinet and electronics
Traces IV for marimba and electronics
Traces VII La carta for voice and electronics
Traces I for cello and electronics
Traces III for horn and electronics


Ensemble Sillages
Le Quartz
60, rue du Château
BP 91039
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