Viaje / New opera project

Creation 2014

VIAJE is a chamber opera for four Singers, 4 instruments and electronics
Music by Javier Torres Maldonado, libretto by Cristina Rivera-Garza
Commisionned by International Festival Cervantino de Guanajuato.

Dramatic musical action
Javier Torres Maldonado, music, Cristina Rivera Garza, libretto, Nicolas Chesneau musical direction, Christine Dormoy, stage direction

"A road, a car, there is the place wich will provoke the encounter between a man and a woman, photographers, on a personal quest which leads them in the famous Pan American race of the 50’s. Joined by a terrified woman, the run away is going to the outskirts of a village devastated by violence, of wich a final policeman takes inventory. From Ciudad Juarez, a border town with Texas, to El Ocotal, near Guatemala. Eight stages give the rhythm to the sequences of the« dramatic musical action » by Javier Torres Maldonado. The imaginary and reality waver in the centre of composer’s musical sceneries. Like watchmen into the land of the shades, four musicians and intangible voices give rhythm to the space structured by a road on which the mental or historical projections appear. Between patina black & white photos of Juan Rulfo in 1950 and bright colors of a nowadays ubiquitous violence, the show « Viaje » offers a vision between two areas."
Christine. Dormoy, Paris, août 2014

Sevan Manoukian, soprano /Baltazar Zuñiga, tenor / Camille Royer, mezzo-soprano / Alberto Albarán, baritone.
Ensemble Sillages, direction artistique, Philippe Arrii-Blachette
Stéphane Sordet, saxophone / Gilles Deliège, viola / Vincent Leterme, piano / Hélène Colombotti, percussion


Ensemble Sillages
Le Quartz
60, rue du Château
BP 91039
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